Stan G.

A great find! Excellent and friendly service with great food in perfect proportions. Everything was hot
when served and our waitress was attentive and accommodating. Plenty of available parking. Seated
immediately on Saturday morning
Stan G.
Brewster, MA

Eric-Reese S.

My boyfriend and I come here ALL the time!!! This usually is our first place to go when it comes to
breakfast or late night meals after a red sox game. The food taste good and the portion size leaves you
full..Normally my boyfriend and I will get the french toast which is the best french toast I have tasted in
a long time.. I can honestly say you will not be disappointed if you eat anything off their breakfast menu.
The wait staff is also very friendly and very attentive.
Eric-Reese S.
Boston, MA

Dan G.

I came here way back in the day when it was under different ownership, and boy am I glad I came back.
The diner was nicely renovated, clean, a little too bright though (lights), but their menu was awesome.
Whatever you want, they probably have it. I had the meat loaf which comes with two sides, I got
two veggies and everything was delicious. Only confusing thing was the menu description says that it
comes with mashed potatoes, but it doesn’t, so if that is what you want, be sure to order it! The onion
rings were also delicious, beer battered and fried yummmmmm. We also got a chocolate cream pie
for dessert…actually they were awesome and gave us two slices for being so awesome, so yeah! The
parking can be a bit tight, so try to go on off hours or good luck finding a spot if the lot is filled up
Dan G.
Winthrop, MA

Jimmy G.

Breakfast is the way to go at Victoria’s. The home-made hash is great, service is always friendly and fast.
My EMS friends in the city frequent here. Good food at reasonable prices. Right on Mass. Ave, so an
easy few minutes from the airport.
Jimmy G.
Boston, MA

Michael R.

That Banana Bread. Admit it, you can’t help but fiend for the the stuff (I’m not afraid to admit it), and
Victoria’s has a killer recipe. Warm, delicious, and packing a little crunch, it’s definitely up there with the
best I’ve had. Order a round or two for the table and watch it disappear. V’s has a few solid omlettes
too. The Lumberjack will definitely help send you descend sweet, sweet food coma, and I’ve had my
eye on the Hashlette for awhile. Plus, they’ve got booze (not just beer and wine, but the good stuff) and
pretty decent coffee. So you can keep that all-night bender going, or recover from one, if you’re feeling
a bit responsible. Victoria’s is 24 hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so you’ve got ample
chances to fall into either category. Get your breakfast on.
Michael R.
Boston, MA

Sean R.

OMG… what year is this? The waitresses are classic (literally) and the food is phenomenal. It felt
exactly like the diner my mom worked at growing up and the service and food was top notch. HAVE TO
Sean R.
Manhattan, NY

Chelsie H.

You want to know what Victoria’s secret is???
She owns a diner. A diner that serves pancakes so delicious that you will never fit into the microscopic
lingerie she peddles.
Victoria’s Diner has only recently come into my life, since the advent of Nala, my little truck with the
dent in the tailgate. A whole new world of breakfast possibilities has opened up, since I’m too lazy to get
on the train to go to breakfast, but I will absolutely drive, semi-awake, un-showered to breakfast Mecca.
My Saturday/Sunday morning tradition has become to text Anouska B. to confirm that we’re both
awake, stumble down the hall, rub our eyes and blink at each other, then pile into Nala and off to
Southie we go. Victoria’s Diner is conveniently located right on Mass Ave, by the South Bay plaza, and
while it looks like your run of the mill, standard little diner, I assure you, it is much more than that. After
finding somewhere to park Nala, which can be a challenge, given the itsy-bitsy parking area behind
Vickie’s, we are always greeted with a warm smile and a ‘hello’ and seated right away. There are two
dining rooms, so there is ample room for everyone, be you a party of two, or a party of six. Clean, cutely
kitschy, simple without being shabby, you will feel comfortable here immediately. Victoria’s menu spans
from Omelette-Ville, to French Toast-Town. And everything in between. Hash, oatmeal, pancakes,
bagels, breakfast sandwiches. Anything you want, any way you want it, they got it. Or they will do it for
you. Every member of the waitstaff is friendly and helpful. Oh, and they have mimosas!! A thousand
internets to you, Vickie’s. A few of the all stars would be the pancakes- fluffy and delicious and exactly
everything a diner pancake should be- the Nutella/banana french toast (which I got with strawberries
instead because bananas are anathema to me), the Norwegian omelette (salmon, cream cheese,
capers), and the Eggs and Cakes, which is two pancakes, two eggs any way, toast, and home fries. Oh
LAWD are the home fries delicious. I have found every plate that I have ever ordered to be ENORMOUS,
so beware ordering everything the hunger devils bid you order. Fancy-schmancy these dishes may be
not, but filling they most definitely are. They tend to get a bit busier after 11:00 a.m., but that doesn’t
mean you will be forced to wait. I think the longest wait I’ve had was just the time it took for the waiter
to peep at a table, grab two menus and seat us. If you’re looking for an upscale, pinkys-out brunch
experience, head to Newbury Street or downtown. If you are looking for cozy, comfy, friendly,
AFFORDABLE yummeh-ness beyond comparison, look no farther than this sweet, syrup-y little Mass Ave

Chelsie H.

Lola A.

This is one of my favorite places for breakfast! Service is always great and the food is always delicious.
You can’t go wrong with the Nutella french toast. The combination of their perfect french toast and
chocolatey-hazelnutty goodness is a great way to stat the day. They’re also great late nights on the
weekend. Surprisingly, the service is still good even with a packed diner at 2am. Just expect to wait a
little bit because a lot of people go after the bars and clubs close.
Lola A.
Lowell, MA

Ann S.

Best place for some late night breakfast food. The servers are friendly and the food is great. Ihop or
Victoria’s Diner? You’d be crazy not to come here! Only downside is they’re only opened 24/7 Fridays
and Saturdays. I wish it was more!
Ann S.
Boston, MA

Aaron R.

Basically the best. I happened by Victoria’s Diner when returning a UHaul for my sister down on the
wrong side of the tracks. The service was super prompt and super friendly. It was about 2 in the
afternoon – myself and the moving crew had some sandwiches, breakfast dishes, clam chowder, salads,
lemonades, the works… Just the right amount of busy and it was 2 on a Tuesday no less. Great vibe,
great prices, good food. A+
Aaron R.
Boston, MA


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